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23 February 2008 @ 12:45 am
Hello, my duckies! This is a friendly reminder to HURRY UP AND GET YOUR FEBRUARY LETTERS DONE IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY, OMG.

... that includes me, yes. *headdesk*

Anyway, I hope you're having fun! You can use this post as a February feedback post if you like.
17 January 2008 @ 07:39 am
Assignments have NOT gone out yet, so don't worry if you haven't received one. I'm in the process of discussing with tortoises the possibility of making each penpal-ing period two months instead of one. A lot of people didn't receive letters and just as many admitted to not having enough time to do so (and send their apologies, of course).

So, what do you guys think? While your waiting for your next penpal, you can have a bit more time to exchange with your current one if you so wish.
11 January 2008 @ 10:36 pm
We haven't forgotten about you!

Assignments for this month will go out TOMORROW (Jan.12) around 8PM EST.
So this is your last chance to sign up! It's not too late!

ALSO, if you didn't receive a letter, or have any complaints about the system thus far, PLEASE COMMENT HERE. The comments will be screened.

Hope everyone is enjoying the new year!

IMPORTANT EDIT It seems far more people didn't get their letters than I expected/people admitted to not sending out their's. I need to go over who's accounted for/who isn't and sort out these matters before sending out the next batch of exchanges. Sorry, guys.
04 January 2008 @ 11:22 am
Ugh, sorry for the late post. New Year's and going back to work and all that, you know how it is. Anyway, comment this post to be paired with someone this month! We'll leave it open for about five days again. *dies*

Also, I'll be away until the 20th with no internet (noooooooooooooooo~), so if there's any problems contact tksama or amirrorstwin. Annnnnnd~~~ that's about it, I guess! ^_^
17 December 2007 @ 06:40 pm
Hey guys! I want this to be our first feedback post!
I know, there's a few exchanges that still have to be sent out, doing that now~ But let us know about your experiences so far! I saw someone got a particularly nice present from their penpal :DD

If anyone has any problems, or hasn't received a letter by the 30th of Dec., let us know by emailing us at pokemon.penpals@gmail.com <3

Any positive stuff can go here, though! ^_____^
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09 December 2007 @ 10:53 pm
I've been away this weekend, and tksama and amirrorstwin have been busy, so we haven't had a chance to allocate penpals yet. ^^;; Sorry! We'll have them up in the next day.
03 December 2007 @ 01:43 am
vox_diabolica pointed out that there may be security issues with this system - specifically, anti-furries targeting furries, but in general people abusing the system to get other people's details while not providing real details for themselves. This wasn't something I'd considered, since I set this up as an extension of a pkmncollectors thread, and people generally behave there. However, now that it's come to my attention, we do need a way to avoid that.

I'm thinking verification of address by mail would be the easiest way. We already have that for almost all of the members, since they've traded on pkmncollectors. For those who aren't involved in that community, it would involve one of the mods sending a letter with a code in it, and you emailing back the code to our email address. Does this sound reasonable? You'd then be allowed to participate in the penpal scheme. It means you'd need a week or two to be activated, but it's an important concern.

If you've ideas, I'd love to hear them. Please leave them in a comment.
03 December 2007 @ 01:28 am
Sorry for posting late! I've been pretty busy this weekend, so instead of going until the 5th we'll extend to the 6th this month. To register your participation for this month, simply comment on this post, and make sure you've also left your addresses in the address post and filled out the survey in the signup post. We'll post pairings and mail out addresses on the 6th or 7th. Thanks!
29 November 2007 @ 10:12 pm
Welcome to the comm, and thanks for coming along for the ride! Right now you can sign up and leave us your addresses. If you want to find out more, you can read our info post. We'll be opening up our first month's registrations this Saturday December 1!

Thank you to the ever-so-lovely tksama for the wonderful layout :3 Everyone should worship her now, kthx.

Your friendly maintainers
tortoises, tksama & amirrorstwin
29 November 2007 @ 10:12 pm
Do you love Pokémon? Do you love receiving mail? Then pokemon_penpals is the place for you! You'll get a chance to write to and receive letters from other Pokémon fans all over the world.

  • You'll fill out the signup form and provide your mailing and email addresses to the maintainers (tortoises, tksama and amirrorstwin).
  • On the first of each month, we'll open participation for that month. You'll comment the entry to be added to the list of participants for that month.
  • On the fifth of the month, registration closes and we'll make a post announcing penpals for the month. We'll also email you your penpal's mailing address, so when we make the post be sure to check your email!
  • Write your penpal a letter and try to mail it to them by the 14th day of the month.
  • It's completely up to you whether you want to keep writing to someone after you've been assigned to them, but you get a new penpal every month you want to participate.


Don't know how to start? You could try something like
  • Tell your penpal about your team! Who's in it? Why?
  • Draw your penpal a picture of their favourite Pokémon.
  • You could use Pokémon stationery or decorate your letter with stickers and stamps.
  • Include small things, like cards, as gifts for your penpal! Maybe you could sign a common TCG card and send that.
  • Ramble about your life. It's kinda fun!
  • Talk about other interests. You might find something in common.


What if there's an odd number of participants in a month? Then one lucky member gets two penpals!
Do I have to join in every month? No, if you're too busy one month you don't have to register, or if you find someone you want to keep being penpals with and don't want to pick up another penfriend you can both keep going with each other.
My house burnt down and I couldn't send my letter this month D: It's OK, bad things happen. Just let one of us know (our contact details are in the community profile) and we'll sort something out.
I've only just found this community. Can I join in? Yes, we're always happy to have more people join the fun! Just sign up and provide your addresses and you can join in at the next registration opportunity.
I don't like writing letters. Can I send email instead? No. This community is about real mail. :3
My handwriting sucks. Can I type my letter? There's nothing stopping you from doing so, but handwritten letters are so much more fun ♥