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29 November 2007 @ 10:12 pm
Do you love Pokémon? Do you love receiving mail? Then pokemon_penpals is the place for you! You'll get a chance to write to and receive letters from other Pokémon fans all over the world.

  • You'll fill out the signup form and provide your mailing and email addresses to the maintainers (tortoises, tksama and amirrorstwin).
  • On the first of each month, we'll open participation for that month. You'll comment the entry to be added to the list of participants for that month.
  • On the fifth of the month, registration closes and we'll make a post announcing penpals for the month. We'll also email you your penpal's mailing address, so when we make the post be sure to check your email!
  • Write your penpal a letter and try to mail it to them by the 14th day of the month.
  • It's completely up to you whether you want to keep writing to someone after you've been assigned to them, but you get a new penpal every month you want to participate.


Don't know how to start? You could try something like
  • Tell your penpal about your team! Who's in it? Why?
  • Draw your penpal a picture of their favourite Pokémon.
  • You could use Pokémon stationery or decorate your letter with stickers and stamps.
  • Include small things, like cards, as gifts for your penpal! Maybe you could sign a common TCG card and send that.
  • Ramble about your life. It's kinda fun!
  • Talk about other interests. You might find something in common.


What if there's an odd number of participants in a month? Then one lucky member gets two penpals!
Do I have to join in every month? No, if you're too busy one month you don't have to register, or if you find someone you want to keep being penpals with and don't want to pick up another penfriend you can both keep going with each other.
My house burnt down and I couldn't send my letter this month D: It's OK, bad things happen. Just let one of us know (our contact details are in the community profile) and we'll sort something out.
I've only just found this community. Can I join in? Yes, we're always happy to have more people join the fun! Just sign up and provide your addresses and you can join in at the next registration opportunity.
I don't like writing letters. Can I send email instead? No. This community is about real mail. :3
My handwriting sucks. Can I type my letter? There's nothing stopping you from doing so, but handwritten letters are so much more fun ♥
eevee649 on March 7th, 2009 05:10 pm (UTC)
I'm so very sorry I cant send letters by mail.I need to send them by e-mail so i need to leave this community.I'm so very sorry.